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  Guiyang learn instrument Co., LTD. Is specialized in electrochemical analysis instruments, r&d, production and sales of enterprise, Products are widely used in power plant, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food and water, etc.   My company developed economy online instrument meter (except) adopts single structure, more stable and reliable performance, Also has shown in Chinese, operation, and the function such as menu with network interface, have good performance, environmental measure adaptability ……
1 the company of a table of each test, all through the aging process flow in strict accordance with the production, providing customers with reliable quality of products. If a product quality problems in 15 days replacement, 1 year free maintenance (comsumption products except), a lifetime guarantee!
2 our company production of every part of a meter, two years warranty. Header If quality problems in two years, no charge.
3 the company with laboratory instruments, beautiful, multi-function electrode stents.
4, my company can be made according to customer's request instrument.
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